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JRS Retaining Walls Anaheim

Timber Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are as important to your landscape design as they are to your home’s foundation. A well-built retaining wall will not only protect the integrity of your property but can also provide an attractive addition that enhances the value and aesthetic of your outdoor space. If you’re in need of a new retaining wall or would like to replace an old one, timber is a natural choice for materials because it is durable and beautiful!

Timber retaining walls are a popular choice among homeowners for many reasons. Firstly, timber is a renewable resource that can be harvested responsibly and sustainably from forests without causing any harm to the environment. Secondly in comparison to other materials such as cement or plastic, timber’s natural character provides an aesthetically pleasing addition that will feel like it belongs outdoors. Lastly timber offers superior durability which means you won’t have to worry about replacement anytime soon!

Retaining walls are designed with careful consideration of your property’s slope and drainage issues so there is no need to worry if these factors apply on your project site; we know what needs done and how best do it. We offer a range of timber retaining wall options including installation only services all the way up through our complete design build package where we handle everything


What kind of timber is best for retaining walls?


The timber you select for your timber retaining wall will depend on a few factors. First, you’ll need to assess the environment it is being installed in. If it’s in extreme weather conditions, you’ll want timber with natural resistance to rot and decay which can either come from naturally durable species like Western Red Cedar (or material made using this), pressure treated lumber or even cedar shingles!

Different woods can have wide variety of benefits. For example, timber made from Southern Yellow Pine is lightweight and easy to work with which makes installation a breeze!

Whatever timber you choose for your timber retaining wall, ensure the log ends are fully supported by either another timber or screwing them into supports every few feet. This will help prevent any issues like splitting when you’re assembling it.

Also remember that there are different kinds of timber retaining walls: load bearing (where all weight is transferred down through the timber) or non-load bearing (held up using earth). We recommend consulting us if this isn’t clear so we can give advice on what best suits your needs.


Woods will also have different colors and textures.


The timber retaining wall you choose will reflect your personality and the natural environment around you, so take a look at how they’ll work with what’s already there to help ensure an easy transition for everyone involved!

We are JRs Retaining Walls in Anaheim California. Our company provides timber retraining walls as well as other landscaping services like designing and constructing timber patios, decks, fences or anything else related to outdoor living spaces. We’re skilled professionals who can turn any area into something beautiful that belongs uniquely to you! If this sounds appealing, then contact us today by phone.

JRS Retaining Walls Anaheim